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Neurobiology of Obesity Symposium (NOS) 16 - 18 August 2017


Event Information

Dates of Event
16th August 2017 – 18th August 2017
Last Booking Date for this Event
1st August 2017

Current research continues to generate important new understandings of the molecular, cellular, and neural mechanisms underlying the control of energy homeostasis and body weight. From a disease perspective, dysregulation of brain processes appears to be crucial for the development and progression of the metabolic syndrome.

The Neurobiology of Obesity Symposium (NOS) will bring together breaking research advances from both the basic science and translational realms in the neurobiology of obesity. Advances in several new areas will be addressed, including chrononutrition, next generation pharmacotherapies, surgical interventions, brain dietary nutrient sensing, reward circuits and periphery-brain communication using state-of-art technologies for neuroscience research. 

A goal of NOS is to bring together basic and clinical scientists from academia and the pharmaceutical industry studying neuronal control of appetite, metabolism and body weight or related complementary fields (such as gut hormones, addiction/reward, cellular stress, and inflammation) to share novel and relevant insights related to obesity and metabolic syndrome. Meeting participants will discuss the latest ground-breaking research in this field along with future directions and perspectives that are relevant for both basic science and clinical research.