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Maths 4 everyday life in the 21st century


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Dates of Event
14th August 2017 – 19th August 2017
Last Booking Date for this Event
19th August 2017

Mathematics and computational thinking dominates every aspect of our life. Algorithms help us to find the quickest route to our holiday destination, they suggest which books or music we might like, allow the NHS to find the best possible treatment for patients, and even make it easier to find the love of our lives. Usually, mathematics is hidden away from us, packed into CD players, pace makers or your sat-nav. Not too long ago only highly trained experts could use these advanced techniques, but that has changed now. Modern, high level computer languages, like the Wolfram Language, put this power into the hands of all of us. We now can use these "mathe-magical" techniques to solve our own problems and improve our lives. Mathematics and computational thinking is not just for highly trained experts: pupils, teachers, industrial and academic researchers, members of the public, civil servants, administrators and everyone else are welcome.